1 year ago

Field Notes: Ed Siggelko

We recently finished up on annual easement monitoring in Calhoun County, visiting Dick Watkins and his two tracts of land on the high bluffs along the west side of the Congaree River. Dick met us at the Dolin Hill property and he was joined by Kathy Boyle, who is retired from SCDNR and is well known in the region as an outstanding botanist. These two sites are directly across the Congaree River from Congaree National Park and have both historical and environmental significance, so we're lucky to have a great partner property owner like Dick who wants his land to be protected in perpetuity. We had a beautiful day to wander around his land and see the wildlife and plant habitat up close.


Dick Watkins (left) and Kathy Boyle at the Peterkin tract, not far from the bluffs.


A trail along the bluffs of the Peterkin tract, roughly 135 feet about the river and very steep.


Some blue curls seen at Dolin Hill, also saw some at the Peterkin tract. Pretty wildflower that blooms in sandy areas this time of year.


View of the Congaree River from the bluffs with the national park in the background. It will be easier to see more of the river in a couple of months when the leaves have dropped.


The Peterkin tract has more beautyberry than I've ever seen in one location, quite a sight.