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The Congaree Land Trust received National Accreditation in February 2012.

TheLand Trust Accreditation Commissionwas established in 2006 as an independent program of the Land Trust Allianceto operate a voluntary accreditation program for land trusts throughout the United States.

The purpose of the accreditation program is to verify that land trusts are meeting the 26 indicator practices in the Land Trust Standards and Practicesthat show a land trust’s ability to operate in an ethical, legal and technically sound manner and ensure the long-term protection of land in the public interest.

As of February 2012, there are 158 accredited land trusts throughout the U.S. Becoming accredited is a long and detailed process requiring a great deal of time and effort from both staff and Board members.

Our Path Toward Accreditation:

February 2012 – The Congaree Land Trust received National Accreditation.

November 2011 – The CLT staff and Accreditation Committee submitted our final documentation required by the Land Trust Accreditation Commission for review.

May 2011 – The CLT staff and Accreditation Committee submitted our completed application for Accreditation.

January 2011 – The CLT staff and Accreditation Committee continue detailed work needed to meet the rigorous documentation requirements for application for Accreditation. A Pre-Application, which is the initial document to be submitted to the Land Trust Accreditation Commission, is nearing completion to be submitted for a February 23, 2011 deadline, and the full 50-page Accreditation Application will be submitted in May 2011.

September 2010 – CLT Board of Directors adopted the updated and newly documented policies for each of the following areas: 3-year Strategic Plan, Conflict of Interest Policy, Advocacy Policy, Whistle Blower Policy, Easement Enforcement Policy, Easement Amendment Policy and Records Policy. Over the next few months we will continue updating and documenting further organizational policies and will soon put forth our application for 2011 Accreditation.

June 2010 – Our Accreditation Committee, chaired by Hank Stallworth, convened its first meeting to begin the process of assigning and delegating tasks and addressing strategic planning needs.

May 2010 – Consulting firm made presentation to Board members and staff of the preliminary findings of the self-assessment.

February 2010 – Board members and staff completed an intensive 40 page organizational self-assessment and submitted to our outside consultant for compilation and review.

November 2009 – CLT Board of Directors voted to pursue Land Trust accreditation.